Omiyage Foldable Travel Bag

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bag and the zip pouch it folds into
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bag outer zip pocket
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Have you ever gone on a trip, bought way too many gifts to bring back for ‘ohana and had to go out to buy another bag? That was the inspiration behind this  omiyage (gift) bag. This bag folds up into an attached flat zip pouch. It's easy to carry with you and handy when you need extra space. Even if you're not a shopper, this bag is still a lightweight and convenient way to carry your stuff! Bag has a zipper closure, side snaps, and one inner and outer zip pocket. The back grey strap can slip over the handles of a suitcase to help keep it in more securely in place. Bag measures approximately 21" long by 21" high laid flat, and can get to 10" wide. 

This bag features all of the current birds in the pixel collection. Birds found in this design: ‘I‘iwi, ‘Apapane, Palila, ‘Akepa, Kiwikiu, ‘Akohekohe, ‘Akiapola‘au, O‘ahu ‘Elepaio, ‘Akikiki, Koae‘ula, Nene, ‘Ua‘u, Manuoku, Ae‘o, ‘Alae‘ula, Pueo, ‘Iwa, ‘Auku‘u, and ‘Alala.

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