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Hawaiian Birds Pixel Zip Tote Bag

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tote bag front
tote bag front pocket
tote bag back
tote bag back zip pocket
inner pockets
inner zip pocket
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This lined, heavyweight canvas bag has a zipper closure as well as front, back, and inner pockets. This is an earthy-toned bag with a grey-green background and grey straps. 

Design features a collection of medium to large indigenous Hawaiian bird species in pixel style. Species include the Koae‘ula, Nene, ‘Ua‘u, Manuoku, Ae‘o, ‘Alae‘ula, Pueo, ‘Iwa, and ‘Alala (that is also banded!). 

Measures: 19"(L) x 4.9"(W) x 13.9''(H). Machine washable. 

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